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American Heritage Month: Take One Step Closer to Medical Pride

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American Heritage Month: Take One Step Closer to Medical Pride

Medicine is the science, art, and discipline of treating a patient effectively and caring for his or her well-being by the identification, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment or palliation of his or her disease or injury. Medicine covers all the medical practices developed to keep and restore good health by the preventative and curative management of illness in all its aspects. With the wide variety of diseases and their various treatments, medicine has the responsibility of helping people lead healthy and active lives.

As we all know, medicine is a science. But, as with all sciences, medicine is also an art. The principles and object of medicine are ethical, economical, and technological in nature and it involves social concepts that shape human behaviour and the ways in which medicine can be practiced and understood. This is one of the reasons why medicine is one of the branches of American Heritage Month – to celebrate the important contribution of medicine to American society and to take one step closer to ensuring that the universal standards of healthcare are maintained.

There are many areas in medicine where medicine has made significant advances. Modern medicine has introduced new techniques, such as those used in chemotherapy, radiation oncology and gene therapy, making it easier to treat and cure a disease. However, while these developments have benefited patients, advances in modern medicine also bring about new concerns, such as genetic deterioration, genetic modifications, and the risks of disease exposure. These and other issues are taken into account by the American College of Rheumatology, as they recognize the complexity of modern medicine and the necessity for ongoing education to ensure that medicine conveys accurate and reliable information to the patients and their families.

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